The Psych Startup Project 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching an Online Coaching Business for Australian and New Zealand Psychologists

Have you been thinking about turning your training and expertise into a meaningful, lifestyle-friendly business?

Are you interested in how you can start selling and delivering services, service packages, and educational courses online so you can reach and help more people while creating a business that doesn't completely depend on trading your one-on-one time?

Join the wait-list for this online training if you're interested in learning about the core elements of establishing an online business as a registered psychologist or creating an online aspect to complement your traditional in-person practice.

Developed by Dr Natalie Kladnitski - clinical psychologist, e-health specialist, and online business coach for passionate health practitioners.

Please note: this training is exclusively for Australian and New Zealand registered psychologists in solo or small practice (or those thinking of going out on their own) who'd love to start making use of technology to enhance the way they do the work they love.

Enter your details below and let me know your biggest question when it comes to online business, and I will be in touch soon with more information about the training.

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